Tuesday, 27 September 2016

AEM Mobile Integration with third party application for authoring

There are cases where we need to create third party web portals to use for authoring instead of using AEMM authoring. Advantage of using such system is to isolate authoring from AEMM environment. To setup an independent suthoring, AEM Mobile supports API services. Below are the steps involved.

Web portal will be created in any language which will have its own database for holders for authoring AEMM content.
AEMM master admin should create an AEMM user with content creation access permissions.
We need to have AEM Mobile API access obtained from Adobe. (See section: 'Requesting an API key' https://helpx.adobe.com/digital-publishing-solution/help/integrating-dps.html)
webportal helps to upload AEM Mobile page content once logged in, and on submission it creates .article files with its manifest file using On Demand API. This creates html file through its service.To generate the article files from a folder, you can either use the desktop utility or use the example packager in ‘class/manifest.php’.
On-demand api push this article to aemm using created aemm content creation access id. To script the export process, you can use the ‘exportDpsArticle’ function. For details, see Creating InDesign-based articles using scripting.(https://helpx.adobe.com/content/help/en/digital-publishing-solution/help/export-indesign-articles-scripting.html)

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