Monday, 7 August 2017

Difference between Adobe Experience Manager Mobile(AEM Mobile) and PhoneGap.

AEM Mobile Vs PhoneGap.

Technical clients come up with a common question, what is the difference between AEM Mobile and PhoneGap?

Adobe PhoneGap is a powerful opensource platform for creating and publishing multi-platform mobile apps. Web technologies like HTML and CSS are used to build apps which are wrapped in a native app wrapper.

AEM Mobile is one of the new entrant in mobile technology which enables enterprise organizations to produce, manage and maintain their mobile apps through a unified dashboard, which in turn reducing time to market and making it easier for organizations to engage audiences quicker. AEM Mobile collaborates PhoneGap Enterprise and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite with AEM Apps to make an app which changes an enterprise customers essential for the business.


  • Need web development skills like HTML,CSS, Javascript.
  • Opensource. So great community support.
  • PhoneGap supports quick test and preview of the changes on iOS and Andriod.
  • With PhoneGap, we need to do some HTML / JavaScript / CSS coding to design and build an app that works on any platform.
  • Phonegap supports third party data integrations.
  • PhoneGap Build service can be utilized by AEM Mobile for quicker app installation/updates.

AEM Mobile
  • No need of web development skills to work on basic AEM Mobile apps.
  • AEM Mobile is licensed, with Adobe community support available.
  • Using AEM Mobile, we can build an app from scratch without any coding and have it on devices in a minutes with less effort.
  • AEM Mobile once built, helps to add content to the app without rebuilding, and many build options like iOS, Android, Windows, or the Web available.
  • AEM Mobile helps even a non IT person to create content with existing or new data through template-based authoring.
  • AEM Mobile provides a dashboard to manage various operations of an app.
  • AEM Mobile helps to develop and deliver apps for iOS and Android quickly compared to other technologies.
  • AEM Mobile has power to extend some of the most used Cordova Plugins to include in the app; also new plugins are easy to create.
  • AEM Mobile provides option to instant update of apps and its content.
  • AEM Mobile can be easily connected to other Adobe cloud tools like analytics, Test and Target.
  • AEM Mobile provides API support to integrate third party applications like login, authentication etc.


Both PhoneGap and AEM Mobile supports Apache Cordova plug-ins to access native device APIs such as GPS, camera, contacts etc. AEM Authored data can be pulled to PhoneGap and AEM Mobile by configuring.