Thursday, 23 February 2017

AEM Mobile Interview questions for developers

AEM Mobile Interview questions

  • How do we configure AEM with AEM on demand portal?

  • What is entitlement and how it works?

  • What are all the ways of creating article?

  • What is the difference between free threshold and metered content?

  • How do we author AEM Mobile content from AEM?

  • Can we author AEM Mobile content from third party applications?

  • What are all the ways to improve performance of AEM Mobile pages?

  • How the search works on AEM Mobile? Which layout is used for AEM Mobile search?

  • How do we unzip a .article file?

  • What are all the types of files which can be authored on a page in AEM Mobile?

  • How the meta data is added in aem mobile content?

  • How to create a preflight app and web url?

  • How do we configure the menu items in Mobile app?

  • How do we update the fonts in AEM Mobile app?

  • Explain the user roles in AEM Mobile portal?

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