Friday, 17 February 2017

Add/Map user to AEM Mobile project

We need to add multiple users to AEM Mobile account in order to deliver shared development environment and multiple project maintenance. In addition to this AEM integration with AEM Mobile also requires a user to be mapped with a project, preferably a dedicated user.

To do this, we have to login to On-Demand Portal , click on users from left navigation, select the project which user needs to be mapped, then click on (+) Add User enter the user details (Users Adobe id mapped email) and submit.

Now select on 'Custom' drop-down so that we can immediately map the user access with the assigned project.

There are multiple sections where user can get access on as below.

    Click on image to see it  big
  • Administration

  • Application Development
  • Content
  • Notifications
  • Products & Subscriptions

Select appropriate check boxes according to the requirement and save the selection. The new user with specific access is mapped to the project now.

Any time the user permission can be edited by >Users> selecting the user then edit.

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