Friday, 1 December 2017

Looking for an AEM Mobile App developer or development partner?

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile(AEMM) is a new comer in Adobe Marketing Cloud & having its own share in mobile app market. We need potential  to implement a fully functional AEMM application which utilizes all capabilities. In addition to this, a successful creative team plays an integral part of providing a seamless user experience(UX Designs) across screens on mobile application. An effective development and creative team together can deliver a powerful mobile application.

What we offer as services as part of AEM Mobile app development

Our AEMM Developers does,

•    Migration of other apps to AEM Mobile.
•    Integrating AEM content with AEM Mobile articles.
•    Creation of .articles through various HTML elements including Angular JS.
•    Personalized content utilizing the AEM Mobile entitlement features.
•    A unified On-Demand portal dash board integration for authoring.
•    Integration which are allowed by AEM Mobile technology like Login functionality (SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, Generic).
•    Customizing the app based on multi-platform Apache Cordova (open source using HTML5, and JavaScript) development.
•    Adobe cloud integration like Analytics and Campaign. Analytics helps to improve the app usage in more efficient way and campaigns help for promoting customer preferences to users.
•    A fully functional AEMM search implementation.
•    Integrated Hybrid Mobile Apps with Adobe analytics tools.
•    Integrated Hybrid Mobile Apps with AEM Content.
•    Our expert creative engineers design screens which are efficient, engagement friendly.

Our AEMM related Maintenance & Support activities includes
•    Authoring and migrations.
•    Account administration and management.
•    Managing Adobe Analytics, marketing campaigns etc.
•    Social sharing setup, management.
•    Custom extensible Cordova development.

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