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Parameters involved in Sign In and Login Scripts

Parameters involved in Sign In and Login Scripts

In previous post we have given the details of Generic Identity Sign In. Here we will give details on parameters involved in Sign in with the sample script which helps login functionality.

  •  redirectUrl – the callback URL that the sign-in UI will need to use to redirect the user to the app based on successful or failure login.
  •  projectId – project ID mentioned in On-Demand portal  
  •  appId – the app bundle ID mentioned in projects ettings
  •  appVersion – the version of the Runtime app
  •  uuid – application running device's UUID  

 In the device we need to get the redirectUri, so that we can redirect the user to app home page on login. Below code retrieves the redirectUri and saves it in appData.

 Code to get redirect URL
    var urlParam =;
    urlParam = decodeURIComponent(urlParam);
    var appData = {};
    if (urlParam !== '') { // fail-safe
         var param, paramList = urlParam.split('&');
         for (var index in paramList)
         param = paramList[index].split('=');  
         if (param.length === 2)
          { // fail-safe  
          appData[param[0]] = param[1];
  Code for redirect:
    function login() {
    //Use a call to your db and check user credentials are valid. If it is success set the user values to a property called 'uservalues'
    function success(uservalues) {
    var authToken = JSON.stringify(uservalues);    // uservalues which is a collection of information to a specific user
    window.location = appData.redirectUri + '?authToken=' + authToken;
        window.location = appData.redirectUri + '?error="Internal Error"';
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